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New Part suggestion: Gear Ramp

A Gear Ramp is very similar to a gear bit but stays in the same orientation until the attached gear bit is flipped. This is more versatile than the diagonal 2 gear bit configuration.


Great, But it could make the feeling of the process and the perception of the game too complex for some players.
For an “Avance” box :smiley:

Sorry to be so late with a comment; I didn’t understand the suggestion. I believe you’re suggesting what I would call a gear-switch. A simple switch would also be useful. Both would be great for demonstrating Boolean logic, setting non-volatile values and setting game options. Using a switch would be simpler than the alternatives: grouping three gear bits or flipping ramps around.

It’s a great idea but switches might be difficult to design. They need to slow the ball and they must not switch when hit by a ball.

Thanks for your reply. You are right: Gear Switch is a better name. I created a prototype from a plastic bottle cap that happened to be the right size, and a piece of
. Combined with a red gear it works. Sort of. It needs some fine tuning. imageimage

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Can’t you just put a platform under a gear, and on top of that thing to hold it in place. Also, put some thing or it will turn before a ball hits a gear bit.