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New piece: mirror

I think there should be a mirror piece. Instead of the crossover, it bounces back where it came from, exept down a level.

That would be convenient for efficiency, but not add any new functionality if the board space weren’t limited. In the original set, the only redundancy is that a bit can be replaced by a gear bit without connecting gears (though you’ll need either “redundant” gears, or washers, to give them enough resistance to work properly).

It would still be nice to have.

@AddixKhan Good minds think alike! Someone else made a piece like this they called the “Reflector.” We printed one at home and tried it. It does make the balls get going pretty fast because they aren’t slowed down by the counterweight. Check it out: First Custom Part - Reflector

Thanks, i checked it out, it is smart. I might need more detailed plans for the origianal piece version linked in the comments. I do not have a 3D printer.

Someone actually took a little piece of carboard and shoved it into the crossover to create the same piece. It worked for them! I was surprised. :slight_smile:

Are you kidding? I thought about doing that, but my builds use a lot of crossovers so i would need to get more.

It really did work for them! Do the crossovers work well for you, or do the balls get going really fast when you use a bunch in a row?

I don’t use a bunch in a row. I normally have them in the middle where a red has to go to a blue or vice versa. I have done complicated ones, but none in a row. They do work well though.

can you please give me a link? I would like to see how to do it.

I’ll have to look for a picture of it. I know I saw it at some point!

Here is the link to the cardboard thing if you want to see it How to make a Reflector out of cardboard anda cross over

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cool! I was going to do it diffrently, but your solution is really good.

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bro i just use a lego piece on a crossover