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First Custom Part - Reflector

Hey everybody! There was a brief discussion here of this space-saving (non-essential) piece a while ago, and I took a little time to modify the Crossover, do a few prints, try, refine and finalize it

Feel free to download it, print it, share it, modify it, anything you like. It is published under Turing Tumble’s Licensing Terms and is therefore Share-Alike

I did not modify the hole although on my cheap little printer it printed a little too narrow; I assume it would print fine on a better printer

I will post a link to a short video of it in action. Functionally it is the inverse of the Crossover (ball coming in from the Left gets reflected back out toward the Left; coming in from the Right gets reflected back out toward the Right). Of course the same purpose can be served by ramps; the purpose of this part is to save precious board space

I would love to see clever ways to use it in existing and new puzzles. Enjoy!


Reflector_1_2.stl (211.4 KB)



I love it! I’m going to try it out. I like the green color, even. Nice work!

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I tried printing it out in variations of ABS and PET, a clear Emerald Green PET was really great looking :slight_smile:

As I tried to stay away from the existing colors (ramps, for example), I experimented with Red, Yellow and an interesting Periwinkle hue that I had laying around. Great fun to liven up the board with new parts!

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Here is a short video of the Reflector in action as promised:


I managed to make a version using only parts in the box - no 3D printer required.

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Cool stuff Rob! :+1:

Ha ha! Wow, that’s clever. It never occurred to me to stick a piece on top of a piece, much less two pieces. This is great!

Here’s one I printed on my Ultimaker 3. I used the dual extruder and water-soluble PVA supports. I love that feature.



It works perfectly! 5/5 stars.

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WOW Paul, super clean! I love it, thanks for sharing

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