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Part Idea: Reflector, the opposite of crossover

My family have been having fun with the Turing Tumble. Thanks for creating this fascinating (and well designed) device.

A few times when we were trying free-form experimentation we wished that there was a piece that was the opposite of the crossover. If a ball came in from the left, it would exit to the left, and similarly for the right side. This would allow some designs that could be done with the current pieces but might be too large to fit on the board. Did you ever consider such a piece?


Hmm, sounds like a nice 3D printing project for somebody to try to make such a piece :slight_smile:

Yeah, it’s a good idea - you could fit more stuff on the board in many cases. I thought about doing that, but I was pretty freaked out about the cost of injection molds so I tried to make it with as few different types of plastic parts as I could.

Like Lode said, that would actually be a great 3D printing project. If anyone designs such a part, I think others would use it.

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Perhaps starting out with the crossover part and adding a little “wall” in the middle of its floor?

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