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New user- first puzzle

Hi There- we are a little confused - the first puzzle says: available parts (4x green) for getting all the blue balls to the bottom. However, instructions say balls shouldn’t fall far so 4 isn’t enough and the solution uses 10 green parts. What is the purpose of the “available parts” section. Please be gentle we are new to this……Thank you!

Hi Alexandra, every puzzle starts with some pieces already placed for you and additional, “available” pieces, which you have to place yourself. The first exercise shows a hint (basically the solution) with positions shown with dashed lines. The following puzzles do not contain hints. The number you see as “available” is the number of additional pieces not shown on the board you have to place in addition. Hope this helps! Have fun!

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Thanks so much for your kind reply. We actually worked this out eventually and the kids are loving it. Thanks so much!

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