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Part Ideas: "Crossover gear" and "Reversed gear bit"

I have new part ideas “Crossover gear” and “Reversed gear bit” in order to construct more complicated circuits.

Crossover gear is a gear that balls can cross this.

Reversed gear bit is the same as gear bit, but balls go out to the opposite direction of normal gear bits.

Actually, I’m not sure if these parts are physically possible. How do you think about that?


For an effective crossover gear, put a crossover behind the gear.


Thank you for your comment. I tried to it, and it almost works well. But sometimes balls go out from the wrong side. Maybe I need to change the form of crossover.

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I said EFFECTIVE, not perfect.

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Wait, I’m confused. Isn’t the “reversed gear” just the same as the normal gear? Do you mean both types of gear are in the same chain?

The reversed gear bit would be possible, mabey not crossover gear. can you not just use a bit or a gear bit the other way? It feels like It would be a bit useless. sorry.

Because if we put a left-pointing gear-bit and a right-pointing gear-bit into the same gear chain, the gear chain can’t rotate. So I want the reversed gear-bit.

oh. that makes sense. How you would do it would be a gear bit with holes in it. The marbles would fall through and come out the other side. It would be tough to figure out exactly where to put the holes though.