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Part / Modification Idea: Loops

Love the Turing Tumble, but as a typical Engineer … I always want more!

One thing I would love is the ability to create a loop. To do this would be ‘simple’, using a classic archimedes screw to lift balls up from the bottom ball catches.

Here is one proposed design, which might not involve too much modification to the board design:

  1. Create a ball-sized gap in the outermost edge of a ball collector which would allow balls to escape out of the side of the board.
  2. Attach an Archimedes Screw to that side which raises the ball.
  3. Modify input bin to allow balls to dump from Archimedes Screw into the input bins at top.

Optional approach: Same as above, but use a ball-sized hole in back of the ball collector to do the same mechanism, but from behind, rather than beside the board.

Note: It doesn’t have to be an Archimedes Screw, they’re just a nice, simple option. It would be clever to make the lifting mechanism hand-crank by default, but also allow it to be driven by a motor mechanism (usb powered?) which would allow continuous operation.

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Nice idea. How would you ensure that red balls and blue balls are deposited back into their correct hopper?

Great idea - had thought the same myself.

Maybe make one type of ball magnetic, and the other not.