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Paul's puzzle 27 solution - 33 parts

Here’s my solution (it’s the one from the book):


And here’s the link:


Description: By putting ramps on either side of a bit (pointing inward), you can flip the bit and the ball ends up in the same place regardless of the starting position of the bit. In this puzzle, all of the bits have ramps on either side. An added bit on top directs the first blue ball to the first column of bits, then the second column of bits, and then a red ball flips the third column of bits.

This one took me a while but I came to the exact same solution you have here.

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Thank you for this. I kept thinking that the setup had to be built so that the task could be accomplished regardless of the starting position of every bit (the nine starting bits PLUS the one we can add). Note to self: Read the instructions very, very carefully. Your description is very clearly written.

This is the answer I came up with over the course of a few hours, having never seen the standard answer before, and in a different way than the standard answer