Paul's puzzle 51 solution - 42 parts


Here’s my solution (it’s the one in the book):

And here’s the link:

Description: More counting out balls. NOT an easy one by any means, though! I bet there’s a much better solution to this problem.


My solution to this was just an extrapolation of the solution to challenge 50:

I used the same trick Samuel did of hardcoding one of the registers to be set to 2, but other than that, this seemed to me to be very similar to 50.

(But I like Samuel’s insight that you can create a subtraction or addition system with a diagonally slanted register, which saves a whole lot of ramps.)

(Oh, and the reason that my version shows the correct color sequence output is that I manually dropped balls one at a time in jstumble, ’cause I’m not seeing a way to set a sequence of input colors there.)