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Paul's puzzle 53 solution - 24 parts

Here’s my solution (it’s the one from the book):

And here’s the link:


Description: To understand this solution, you’ve got to realize that doubling a binary number is the same as shifting all the bits up one place. For instance:

(reading from the top bit to the bottom bit, left to right)
1100 = 3
0110 = 6
0011 = 12

So each ball that drops sets the value of the gear bits below it to whatever it was.

I think there is a piece missing on the left of this solution compared to the book, it should take 24 parts and look like this: https://www.lodev.org/jstumble/?board=agerafxfeagafralfxxfrxlfagafralfllfe

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Thanks, Samuel! I fixed it.

I arranged my solution to illustrate how to extend Register A to any number of bits, given a long enough board.

Screen Shot 2020-08-02 at 11.11.23 PM