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Possible solution for puzzle 42 (37 pieces)

So this seems to be a plausible solution that seems to work. It works with all solutions and seems to leave 17 on the board between all the bits no matter what’s set initially. I didn’t try that many possibilities though so I can’t say for sure it works with every possibility. If someone understands how this translates into logical computations better then me that can see why it works or not mess up wants to confirm if it’s viable or not that would be cool. At this point I’m calling it solved even though I don’t know how to make a solution like one similar to the one in the book that I’m not trying to look at until I figure out how to make it on my own.


It looks like your overflow/underflow crossovers are in the wrong places - for example, if you start the left register at 8, the first blue ball will subtract 1 to leave 7, but be intercepted

I tried putting them on the opposite sides in the middle as well as both on the left and right, but this is the only method that seemed to work for all the solutions in the book… I also don’t know why they add to 17 whenever they finish. That might’ve just been a counting error on my part originally, but I’d have to open up the build and run through it again to double check

I just realized this is not a solution even if it worked because one of the interceptor pieces that’s supposed to be on the board setup is not… Looks like I’m struggling with this puzzle again

Edit: So this time I ended up creating the solution in the back of the book… Forgetting to place the interceptor in the setup made it that much harder