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Processing Speed

Hi, I recently discovered a cool way to improve Turing Tumble’s “processing speed.”

It turns out, that balls will travel down the board faster if you have the pieces arranged in a straight formation rather than in a “cascade” due to the loss of energy from changing direction so frequently.

(Blue 10 direction changes, Red 2 direction changes)

I’ve decided to conduct a race to see just how much faster this new method is.

The results tell us that the balls travel ≈1.49375 times faster if they have 2 total direction changes per lap rather than 10.

Try to see if you can improve something using this method.

You can make things faster by avoiding changes of direction, but that can come with a tradeoff in terms of accuracy - the ramps are designed to limit speed, but it’s still noticeable that the occasional errors/glitches happen more often when balls are allowed to get too fast.

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