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Puzzle 11 output?

I got a TT for my son for Christmas. I started with the instruction book, and didn’t quite see the point of the cartoon story, and neither did my son. So we skipped past that and went straight to the puzzles.
We’re now on puzzle 11, and I don’t know what it wants us to do. There’s no “required output” as there is for the others

There should be a listed objective “Flip bits 2 and 5 to the right”, which is the target.

I have been using TT with elementary age children for a couple of months now, and some, but not all of them appreciate and respond to the cartoon story–it provides a fantasy bkgd for the activities and “animates”–if you will–the comments that appear at various places in the challenges. The cartoon story is not necessary to do the challenges, and many of the kids, like your son, prefer to jump right in. But they DO need to attend to the cautions that appear on page 14.

The challenge in puzzle 11 is to set the first bit such that it will flip bit 2 on the first pass and then flip bit 5 on the second pass (when that first bit changed its value due to the first pass). To continue with this activity, you might challenge your son to flip other bit combinations, for example, flip bit 4 on the first pass and then flip bit 1 on the second pass.