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Puzzle 27 solution problem

[date=2020-07-17 timezone=“America/New_York”]Puzzle 27 instructions imply (to me) that all bits should flip with one push of the start switch regardless of the any bit’s start position. The book solution does not do this. In fact it appears impossible to flip all the bits with one push of the start switch without flipping some of them more than once. Even then, I am reasonably sure some of the bits flipped twice so those bits were no longer reversed. Once I quit trying to find a creative solution and checked the back of the book, I was glad I was doing these ahead of my grandson so I could help him when necessary. Has the new book clarified the objective or has someone found a solution? Has a correction been announced on line? Furthermore, if the printed solution is acceptable, the 2.5 difficulty level is too hard of a rating as the solution is quite simple.

Hi Tom. Welcome to the Turing Tumble Community!

This is one that I had some trouble with as well until I went back and re-read the instructions. The first time I read through it, I also thought that ALL bits could only flip once. The objective reads “Reverse the direction of each of the 9 starting bits.” In order to do this, you also need to use a tenth bit that will indeed flip more than once.

I hope this clarifies the objective.

It’s really nice to hear that you are working through the puzzles to help your grandson! If you have any more questions or concerns let me know.

Thanks very much. I did read it wrong and not notice that the extra bit is not a starting bit. I also overlooked the top (extra 10th) bit being pointed right in the solution while the remaining bits are pointed center indicating they can be either direction.

I spent way too long on this puzzle because I didn’t look closely at the starting parts. I kept thinking that if only I could add another bit it would work just fine, completely missing the fact that there was a bit available. That’s my lesson to myself: read to gosh darn instructions closely.