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Puzzle 32 binding

Am I missing something? The basic setup for puzzle 32 seems to bind up so that balls from either side become trapped on the gear bits and can’t pass through.
I looked at the solution in the back of the book, but it doesn’t solve this binding problem. Any advice would be appreciated!

When you initially laid out the gear bits, did you have them all facing the same direction (they should be).

If that wasn’t the problem, can you post a picture?

Thank you for your reply. I went back to revisit and wasn’t able to get them all to orient correctly, so I removed all of the pieces and placed them again. Voila! It worked.
I must have had something a bit off kilter with the first piece I put in. If I have similar problems in the future, I will remove all pieces and try placing again in case I do that again.
I guess you could say that I needed to reboot the computer. :laughing:
Thank you!

My pleasure. When you use the gear bits, all of the gear bits that are in a connected chain must initially point in the same direction (could be right, or left - but has to be the same). Otherwise a ball going through tries to turn one to the right, and the other to the left, at the same time, which is impossible.