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Puzzle 33 what level to press?

This might be me over thinking things, but puzzle 33 does not specify what lever to press. Additionally the “Press to start” thing is not present on the “Available Parts” side bar.

In previous puzzles there was either

  1. Instructions saying what lever to press, or,
  2. The “Press to Start” thing in the “Available Parts” sidebar, indicating that the player chooses what lever to press.

Puzzle 33 has neither. What lever do I start with?

Puzzle 33 does have a “Press to start” piece in the “Available parts”.

Really? Yours has it?

Here is challenge 33 my booklet. Can you show my yours? I’m really curious now. Maybe I got a misprint? I see the piece for challenge 36 so I do know what the piece looks like.

Yes, must have been a misprint that got fixed. Apologies for the poor quality:

That is so cool. I got a misprint. :slight_smile: Thank you for sharing your copy. I was starting to doubt myself for a moment. I wonder if other people have a misprint?

@activefire Could you post a picture of the barcode on your box? I’m curious which batch yours came from. Thanks so much!

@activefire Thanks so much for the picture! You have a Kickstarter version of the game, and there were a few minor edits we had to make to the puzzle book. This is one of the errors our customers caught in the early days. Sorry about that!

No worries. I’m happy to have a misprint. It is like a little easter egg.