Puzzle 34 - 20 (21) parts


Stealing an idea from Menderbug, but switching the second gear bit to the other side saves a piece (or two pieces for the “clean” solution)

Outputs a red sometimes:



Only outputs blue (half the time):



Hmm. Two thoughts here:

  1. jstumble seems to me to have miscounted; in the list of parts at the bottom, it says there are no red gears, but there is a red gear in the board. I think there may be a jstumble bug where it sometimes counts a red gear as a part and sometimes doesn’t; I ran into a couple of weirdnesses along those lines tonight. I’ve dropped a note to the creator of jstumble in email about this.

  2. It looks to me like you could simplify this by one part by moving the interceptor up and to the right one space, so a ball coming out of the gear bit heading to the right would immediately fall into the interceptor. I tried that by editing your design in jstumble, and it seemed to work, but I may be missing something.


jstumble seems to me to have miscounted

Oops, that was a bug, and it should be fixed now. Thanks for reporting!

(The bug was: as a graphical effect the red gear can subtly change texture to show some movement in its rotation, and that alternative texture was accidentally not counted as a gear. Now that’s fixed)


Great—thank you for the remarkably fast response! And thank you again for jstumble!