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Puzzle 36: 22 parts and nothing to set before launch

Same solution as @lachi (but my stepson insists we post our own picture)

I find it quite elegant, because there is nothing to reset between runs. The two bits act as a 4-step counter, so all 4 combinations are parsed through every 4 runs - each run leaving them in the next state, ready for a new run.

You launch a red ball, which tests bit ‘B’. If ‘B’ it set to the left, capture the ball. Only if ‘B’ is set to the right, then go launch a blue ball to test bit ‘A’


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Here it is on the emulator.

This is a nice solution. All the others I’ve seen (including my own) have a bit above the two starting bits, and that has to be set to the correct orientation for it to work. Yours is quite elegant.

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