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Puzzle 38 - confused by objective

I don’t want to see other solutions before I give it a try… but I don’t understand the objective. Which blue “Bit” determines the color? One of the registers “Bits” or the one in available parts? Also, in the examples, for A = 6 or A = 7, the answers look wrong since neither has 6 or 7 balls. What am I missing?


Hey Tom,
the objective is to copy the information from the three bits of the register to the output. The result should be (from right to left / first to last):

  • ball 1: always blue (we start with a blue ball)
  • ball 2: blue, if bit 1 is set (=points to the right), otherwise red
  • ball 3: blue, if bit 2 is set, otherwise red
  • ball 4: blue, if bit 4 is set, otherwise red

I hope that helps.

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Thanks. Now it all makes sense and the examples are correct too.

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