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Puzzle 46 solution- 44 parts excluding starting bits


I’m new here. Do you usually include the starting parts in your total? This one is 44 parts with the 5 starting bits excluded, otherwise 49. It’s far from optimised but I enjoyed combining different ways of creating multiple paths that I’ve used in previous puzzles, such as the three bits at the top, the gear bits where the red ball comes out and the vertical gear bits plus bit on the blue side. The way either a blue ball or a red ball can switch bit 4 is probably my favourite part. This is the hardest puzzle yet that I’ve solved with no hints. I have extra parts so I think I used more bits that you get in the standard kit.

Here’s the picture. And the link. For some reason, one of the red gears moves across one space to the wrong position every time I get the URL, so you’ll need to move it back: https://www.lodev.org/jstumble/?board=1gar1areb0lrelg1rellbl1lrrrrrellll1rrrrri00000rlrrrl1