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Puzzle 48 – 30 parts, only 15 balls


This isn’t really fewer parts than the reference solution. That one has an unnecessary ramp in the bottom left corner which never gets used because the puzzle constraints prevent an overflow of register B (and I’ve removed it in this solution, hence 30 instead of 31 parts).

However, this one is more efficient and runs in 75% of the time, using only 3*A balls instead of 4*A. We replace the two-bit construction (which results in a 4-cycle) with the gear-bit/bit combination from puzzle 39 (which results in a 3-cycle). That way, we don’t need to waste any balls.


I really admire your solutions and your creativity. On every puzzle I have tried, your solution has always used less parts. I learn a lot by looking at your solutions and your posts are great motivation! However, for puzzle 48, I came up with a solution that uses only 27 parts. :smile:

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This was the same solution I arrived at!! Glad to have another outside-of-the-box thinker :slight_smile:

I’m honestly shocked this isn’t the book solution. It seemed like Puzzle 39 was meant to prepare us for just such a scenario.