Puzzle 49 solution - 27 parts no gears


This puzzle doesn’t need gears. Whenever the blue leaver is triggered, exactly 4 blue balls must be released. This can be achieved using a 2 bit register (A in the solution) on the blue input.

The red input must trigger the pattern “b-r-r-b-r-r-r”. Bit B splits the input into two sequences. The left branch must generate the first, third, fifth and seventh balls as “b-r-r-r” and the right must generate the second, fourth and sixth as “r-b-r”.

The left branch feeds into 2 bit register C that sends one blue followed by three reds and the right into the bit D that alternated between red and blue.

The area between all the bits is filled with crossovers – any leftward central motion generates a blue and rightward a red.


Interesting and neat! Do you happen to still have a link to the jstumble version of this? I can reconstruct it by hand, of course, but thought it was worth asking if you happen to have the link easily available.


Sorry, I’ve been busy for a while. I think this is the link: https://www.lodev.org/jstumble/?board=rlelreerelf1rfr11flx0eel1xler1xleerxlflrf_8_8


Yep, that seems to be it. Nice. Thanks!