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Puzzle 51 solution- 31 parts

You start using the left lever (Blue). This should make three red balls come down from the left, then all eight balls from the right side, and finally the remaining five blue balls from the left side. On the virtual Turing Tumble, you cannot have blue balls on the red start and red balls on the blue start, even though it requires that in the instructions. If you try this setup in the actual set you will get BBBBBBBBRRRRRRRR (Read from right to left), which is the correct answer.

Hi 2702332 and welcome. I’m fairly new here myself. I haven’t gotten to challenge 51 yet, but I question your use of the word “can’t”. It seems to me that the rule of blue on the left and red on the right is observed until we get to challenge 50, where the author takes exception. And then, after 51 they go back to the original rule. So it looks like the person who creates a particular challenge CAN switch things around any way they want.

I have never used the virtual TT, so if that’s what you are using and it won’t let you create the setup shown in the actual book used with the actual TT, then I guess it’s the virtual version that is at fault. If so, there should be some way to let the creator of the virtual TT know.

Sorry if I was not clear. I meant that in the screenshot the result at the bottom was incorrect. In the virtual Turing Tumble you cannot put blue balls in the red start and red balls in the blue start. You can do that in the actual set however. I’ll change my original post to make that clearer.

It’s amazing how easy it is for misunderstandings to take place in social media. I think we unconsciously assume that social media messaging is as straightforward as face-to-face communication.