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Puzzle 58: 22 parts

I just got Turing Tumble for Christmas, after flipping through some of the early challenges I skipped straight to the back. This was the first one I really tackled. It was fun because I wasn’t primed to solve with expected answer based on earlier solutions.

While trying to write this post using Lodes emulator I found I could actually get the right solution with 17 parts! If this isn’t legal then surely I get some extra credit for solving it on nearly half the board space.

Realistically the physical solution I originally worked on got much more consistent results using 22 parts. It was at least as consistent as passing the balls through more green parts. jstumble

Is speed of execution a thing? Because this solutions is probably the fastest so far! Catching the red ball near the top and passing balls in the same direction (keeping up momentum) help a lot. Even without taking shortcuts this 25 part solution is pretty fast.


Looking around this forum I discovered another type of optimization using the crossovers that I was not taking advantage of.

Here is legal 22 part solution:

If I optimize for the emulator then I can manage to get it down to 13 parts!

I also managed to do it 24 parts but without the interceptor. I would rather leave that as a mystery. Have fun!