Puzzle book clarification [PUZZLE 19 SPOILER]


Puzzle 19 says: if [some bit state] catch blue ball; if [some bit state] catch red ball. Is my solution correct if, before catching the red ball with the interceptor, I let a few drop to the output? The puzzle does not mention any conditions regarding the output, but the official solution in the book does not allow any one red ball to drop there - while my solution (picture attached, hopefully) lets a few, depending on the starting bit state, but I never used the crossover part… Is this a good solution? Can I, in the future, assume that if the objective does not mention the output, I can have anything there, as long as the objective is met?


Good question, calair! Somebody else asked me the same question today. That’s absolutely ok. All that matters is that you end up with the correct color ball in the interceptor. Your solution is totally correct! In fact, it’s better than mine because it uses less parts. That’s pretty tricky how you re-use the top bit when you route the red ball to the interceptor.


Although one could argue that your solution is better, because it reaches a resolution quicker (50% of the cases). Anyway, thank you for the clarification! And congratulations for the awesome product, I am really, really fascinated by the puzzles, the story, and the physical design as well! :star_struck:


Thanks so much, calair! I really appreciate it!