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Ramps obstructed by long connector

Hi, I’ve found that ramps (and other moving parts) that are mounted near the corners of the board will not work because the long connector on the other side of the board does not allow a complete rotation of the part.

It looks like in my case (maybe I didn’t mount the board correctly) there is not enough clearance between the long connectors and the back of the board, so ramps keep getting stuck.

I’ve tried bending the long connectors a bit, but that didn’t improve it much. Now I was thinking of maybe filing a couple of ramps so that they don’t stick out so much of the back of the board, but that seems a bit too much.

Any suggestions, please?

Many thanks.

I double-checked mine, and it doesn’t happen. Did you double-check the insertion of the pins, step 3 in the assembly guide? The dials to release the balls will slide in and out of the board; when they are pushed all the way in there’s plenty of clearance for all the pins.

Can you post pictures?

Thanks for your help.

I checked step 3 and everything looked OK. I noticed however that both connectors where bent towards the board quite noticeably.

So I ended up turning them around so that now they are bent outwards, and everything works fine now.

Thanks a lot.

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Glad you got it sorted out!