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Ramps on the board edges

On my board, when I place ramps on the leftmost edges and set them to release to the left, the balls hang–there is not enough space between the curved side of the ramp and the edge of the board. And similarly at the rightmost edges.

The “dahhh” fix is to place my edge ramps to release inward. Alternative solutions would be to make the inside part of the slots longer or to shave down the curved side of the ramps. I hope that future versions of the board will make these homegrown remedies unnecessary.

Or is it just my board? Did I get a lemon?

It happens with my board as well! I’m pretty sure it won’t hamper your progress!

I think this behavior may actually by design. A ramp must deliver the ball directly to a piece on the row below it; It is considered an error for the ball to drop without being caught by a piece on the row beneath. If you were to place a ramp on the left edge of the board and deliver the ball to the left, there is no way to position another piece below the ramp to properly receive the ball. Thus, the design to force ramps at the edge of the board to release inwards seems to make sense.

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I agree with @timali. It’s against the rules to have a ramp on the edge point towards the wall. I had the same head scratching moment as the OP before I came to this realization.

It might be cool if the vertical edges zig zagged so they could act like permanent ramps, but the ramps move in order to absorb some energy and slow the ball down. Therefore fixed ramps on the edges might lead to other bugs. The current design is probably best. :grinning:

to timali–Thank you! I’m embarrassed that I didn’t think it through.