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Randomizer Piece?

I would very much like to add a part that randomizes which direction a ball will fall, regardless of which direction that ball entered the part. I am thinking of something static like the Crossover piece (as opposed to a state change piece like the Bit) where the internal structure of the piece allows for enough randomness such that the outward direction of the ball cannot be reliably determined based on the direction in which the ball entered the part. Does anyone have any ideas as to what such a part would look like.

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I am looking for same thing. Someone else suggested a different approach, labeling each marble with a one or two, and using the numerical result as a random generator. I would love your idea, as it is simpler and more elegant, and self-defining. Glad a looked and saw your contribution.

Would it look like

@Funi2 I am confused about how your drawing would work can you please explain

would that not just be a crossover? I feel like it would always come out the opposite side. Sorry to bother you.

Oh yeah that would be a crossover. I will try try to think of something else

Maybe a thing where it stables with removable walls and then a spike pushes the ball.