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Really big thanks to JohnZ for Reflector stl file for 3D

Hello everyone.

This is my first post here in Turing Tumble Community.

I own Turing Tumble since August 2023. At the moment I am solving 43rd puzzle.

Thanks to JohnZ and his .stl file with Reflector custom part. Since today I have now about 25 such elements printed in 3D (more than enough, but just in case).

My reflectors have nice yellow, neonish (like markers) color, I like it very much.

This part is a great idea and solution for compact projects.

I’ve created my first one with reflectors, simple counters with 2 registers, this is a short look-at video, if you’re interested: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wA4T_JIsHzk

I really enjoy this forum and community, I’ve read it for a while, but I want to thanks now for all your ideas and interesting new concepts about TT.

And thanks to all who created and distribute Turing Tumble. It is such a great invention :wink:

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I’m slightly confused because most of those reflectors could just be ramps, or were you just demonstrating that they always work?