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Redundant gear bit 27 piece solution

So… I am hoping I used redundant right as one of the gear bits could easily just be a regular bit with my solution. I thought it was a kind of silly solution, but it definitely works. Although I’m positive it’s not the book solution. Anyways without further ado here’s my solution:

The start trigger is on the blue side


@DaMegaTaco This had me scratching my head. I just tried your solution, and I’m not getting the first scenario (both A and B pointed to the left), to intercept a red ball. I think the problem here is that you want the A and B bits to be connected by a gear so that you are using both to test before sending a ball into the interceptor.

I just realized the bit is turned the wrong way… Lemme fix it

Edit: Apparently I can’t edit the first post so I’ll just have to post the correct answer here… The bit makes all the difference as it essentially accounts for whether it is running through the gear the first time before reading either gear bit or the second time after reading both gear bits


I realized I could even make the solution one piece shorter while double checking my solution… So it’s actually a 26 piece solution