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Release all opposite colored balls

Either red or blue can be released to start.
Every ball after the first should be the opposite color of the first ball.

So… Red, blue, red…?

I read it as either BBB…BR or RRR…RB in the output.

I’ve got a design using 3 gear bits, 2 gears, 1 crossover and, if I’ve counted correctly, 16 ramps. I’ve only run it in my head rather than setting it up, so I could be off somewhere.

That’s a nice one, @Mathahero_Zan.
@rmsgrey I’ve use the same parts so your solution might be similar to mine :slight_smile:

Yeah, the precise locations of parts may not be the same, but your solution is functionally identical to mine (though I wouldn’t put the bottom ramps facing toward the middle in a physical build)