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Repairing Broken Pegs?


I was recently shipped a brand new copy of Turing Tumble, however when it arrived one of the central pegs on the board was completely snapped off. I found the peg itself in the bottom of the box. Has anyone had any luck re-attaching broken pegs, and having them actually stick, or am I completely out of luck?


Sorry about that! Just send a message to hello@turingtumble.com and we’ll get it sorted out.

I gave my game to a friend so I can’t check this idea. Looking at the back of the board, there might be a dimple behind each peg where the plastic contracts. If so, that might be used to guide a bit. Drill out the broken peg and glue in a replacement. Maybe a round toothpick can be sanded to the exact diameter?

I printed a few of the board sections in error and when I had a broken pin on the assembled board, I drilled it out and cutout one of the pins on the spare board incl a little bit of the base of the spare board. I inserted pin into the hole and glued the base at the back. The pin is a bit shorter but doesn’t seem to affect.