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Requirement to use all "available parts"?

Dear all, I am new to this game and started with my children yesterday only. Sorry if below question has already been dealt with in the past but I could not find it using the search function.

I understand that one may not need to use all parts of the “starting setup”.
But when solving puzzle 13 and 15, I was not sure if (1) there is a requirement to use all “available parts” (I guess no) and (2) if there is a solution to each puzzle using all “available parts”?

(To avoid misunderstandings, “available parts” are the ones you are supposed to include beyond the “starting setup” - they are listed in the box to the right of the “starting setup”)

  • Puzzle 13: Provides 12 ramps as “available parts”. Can be solved using 10 ramps. You can solve it with 11 (also proposed as solution in the book) or 12 ramps too. This made me believe that I shall find a solution to each puzzle which uses all “available parts” - regardless if there is an easier/more elegant solution or not.

  • Puzzle 15: Provides 11 ramps and 2 crossovers as “available parts”. Can be solved using 9 ramps and one crossover. You may replace a ramp with a crossover but this is not elegant. Could not find any solution using all parts.

Since the book itself does not use all “available parts”, my conclusion is that I am “allowed” to solve a puzzle by using only a fraction of the “available parts”. But is there a solution for each puzzle using all “available parts” (e.g. puzzle 15)?

Many thanks for your help!
Best regards, Max

Not all puzzles can be solved using everything available at once, some puzzles towards the end let you build with every part there is, and you can’t fit everything on the board at once. I can relate to this confusion :slight_smile:
I bet it would be a fun challenge to use as many parts as you can for some puzzles after you complete them, I’ve never tried that before.

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