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Right-Heavy (Intermediate)

In this challenge you have to make all 5 blue bits face to the right, then intercept a blue ball.
This is the simulator image to upload(btw this is my first post this might not be a good puzzle)
(edit) Sorry the bottom blue bit doesn’t have to face right no matter what its starting position is, it just has to end to the right for one direction, but if you could find the solution for any direction, that would be great(dont know if its possible)

For me the description is not clear. I think you should usually

  • add a screenshot of the setup
  • mark the preset parts that can initially be left or right
  • define the location of the start button
  • define what exactly should be the result
  • optional: add test cases
  • optional: limit the parts that can be used
  • optional: define bonus goals
  • nice: provide a link to a simulator of your choice with your setup

Concerning your puzzle: I don’t think that my solution is what you intended. If you start with a red ball the setup below will switch all bits to the right and will finally catch a blue ball. Maybe you can edit the description and tell me what I’m doing wrong :wink: