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Seal don’t need gear - 24 parts



@LukeSeal I’m not sure this is a solution just yet. I set it up and I can’t get it to intercept the right color ball every time because it isn’t funneling the balls through the gear bits, which are the pieces that are adding the logic here.


Made some changes. This one should work. Is there a way I can delete the incorrect one?

That still doesn’t work because you’ll always end up with a blue ball if the right gear bit is facing the left whether or not the other gear bit is facing the opposite direction. I tried considering if you had the bits facing other directions as well and it still doesn’t fix anything.

If you want a hint then I suggest you keep in mind that you’ll need to create a system that checks the left and right gear bits before sending either side to the interceptor… Otherwise one of your gear bits will send the ball to the interceptor facing one direction no matter what the other gear bit reads when this solution requires both gear bits to be read before coming to a solution. Another hint is that you need to have a way for both the red and blue to launch the opposite color if it runs through and they’re not supposed to get intercepted, but that doesn’t also mean you can’t have a way for either side to send the same color as well.

If you haven’t already found the solution keep trying… These are some difficult puzzles where I’m pretty old and seriously struggling with them. They’re definitely complicated puzzles! I’m sure you’ll figure it out though if you haven’t already.

I missed your newest post, @LukeSeal. Sorry about that! I would agree with @DaMegaTaco on this one. Try to incorporate the gears with the gear bits and then you’ll be able to create a system that checks the left and right gear bits before sending them off to the interceptor or to trigger another blue marble or red marble.