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Setup Instruction Improvements: Extension Rods and Storage and Storage

The initial setup instructions in my kit do not mention installing the long rods, without which nothing will run continuously as they should, and objectives such as “all blue balls” or any other patterns, only make sense if Tumble is running continuously with the extension rods properly installed. Others have pointed out that the rods can be a bit tricky to work, some of the time, and this might as well be mentioned during initial setup, as well. Also, it took me a few minutes to realize how the storage works, and this could be handled either with drawings or reference to the website. And since nobody wants to keep putting all the marbles away in the little plastic bags, nor deal with the marbles tumbling out of the little open storage areas when the box is tilted too much, it would either be better to have tops that close or some other way to keep the balls from getting misplaced.