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Simple (but limited) division machine

Made this simple 12 block division machine: it can divide by 2 or 4. Pretty limited, I am working a better version.
Browser simulation
The flipping gear (the purple gear) on the far right has to be switched the other direction to prevent it and the one on the left turning, thus making it into a large container for marbles. If you do not do this, the marbles will fall out and it will not work.
How to use this project:
Insert the number to divide in marbles at the top on the left side. Press the blue run tab at the bottom, once for every marble. (16 marbles = 16 taps, 20 marbles = 20 taps, etc.).
How to read the answer
Division by 4 : Look into the stopper on the far left (or the stopper above the larger container on the far right) and count the number of marbles. To check if it is correct, make sure the stopper on the left has the same amount of marbles as the stopper above the large container on the far right. If it is not, try removing one marble from the side with more and add a .5 at the end of the result.
*Division by 2: * Look into the stopper on the bottom of the far right (the large container) and count the amount of marbles. To be sure that it is correct, multiply the amount of marbles in the large container by itself.
*1: *I know that it is not efficient to keep pressing the tab at the bottom, I am working on that.
*2: *Small stoppers can deal with around six marbles inside at a time, if they are getting too much try taking the marbles out but keep them separated, and when it is done take the marbles that are in the stoppers and add them to the ones outside.
*3: * If the number you want to divide is more than 20, insert the first 20 in to the blue side at the top and run it. Then put in the remaining ones and run it again without removing the first answers. Also, look at Note #2 if you haven’t already.