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Take a look at my new idea!

This is my first post of an idea that I thought of. Let me know what you think! I hope you like it. Thanks!

It’s a rube goldberg: You found a very complicated way to simply drop all the blue balls. But no fair! Your last crossover (the one closest to the bottom) does not function a a crossover–it could be replaced by a ramp that dumps to the left. Of, course I didn’t run your program with all the possible bit combinations, so if you have a bit configuration that will make that crossover work like it was designed to, let me know. BTW, if it DOES work the way it’s supposed to, it will trigger a red ball.

OK, so here’s a challenge for you: Modify your setup so that you use ALL your components in such a way that only the blue balls drop. AND you are not allowed to have any redundancies–all your components have to work.

But how will you use the 3 incerpters?

Good call, Eric. Sorry.