This game is ingenious!


Just finished working my way through the book and I wanted to leave feedback. The design of the game is amazing, and the ramp up in difficulty in puzzles is very smooth. Watching the machine run and tracing its logic in real time is very satisfying, especially the click-click sounds it makes as it runs. (I imagine electromechanical computers of yore would have sounded like this, but much louder.) The story line and artwork are excellent and—as somebody who bought online and never saw the kickstart—an unexpected bonus. My kids are too young to play (ages 2 and 4) but they loved helping me place the parts and watch it run. I will definitely play through the puzzles with them when they are older. My mom also played through a few levels and was really engrossed. The community here is great, and I’m so impressed that the creators are active here and encouraging others to build their own versions of the game and hack together new components… This is just a top-notch project all the way around!

My only complaint, and it is very minor, is some of the mechanical issues with the game. I saw the crossovers mentioned in another thread, but mine mostly work pretty well. (Only one of my crossovers is a bit warped, and it has a tendency to bounce balls off the board.) I had issues with the board not being level, and I noticed that the 1 of the 4 feet doesn’t make contact with the desktop. Also the blue bits don’t seem to have quite enough weight, some times a ball will flip the bit and then the bit bounces back a little bit, and the next ball can go the wrong way or bounce off of the board. Overall, these issues were very small and in most cases I could set the machine up and run it again without issues, so these were not an impediment to enjoying the puzzles.


@mehaaase Thanks so much for leaving this comment! I’m so glad you are enjoying the game! It is fun that you incorporated your younger kids and your mom.

We are more than happy to send you some additional parts to see if you can get it running more smoothly. We have learned a lot about manufacturing through this process and sometimes we see short waves of issues (like the crossovers), but manage to get the issues ironed out before we make more. You can email me and I’ll help you out.

Thanks again!