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Traffic Light Sequence

By designating 3 blue pieces to represent Red, Amber Green of a traffic light (left = ON and right = OFF), construct a board so that a series of blue marbles takes the lights through their proper sequence (UK Highway code: R, R+A, G, A, R, etc).
(Extra challenge- red at top, amber in middle and green at bottom).

Clue: Can be done with 6 bits (blue) and a bunch of ramps (green). No gear bits or crossovers required. Keeps going through sequence as long as you keep replenishing the balls.

Nice challenge! Here’s what I got. It must be similar if not exactly the same as your solution. I don’t think one can do shorter.


jstumble (lodev.org)

:smiley::+1: well done Florentin. :smiley::smiley::smiley:.

Same solution - marked up to make it easier to see how the solution answers the question.

Oh I inverted left and right oops…