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Turing Tumble Emulator for iPhone?

Is there any emulator that works on iPhone? I’ve tried jstumble with Safari, Firefox, and Chrome, and all have the same issue: I can start/stop the simulation, but can’t affect the pieces. (Note: my friend tried jstumble on a Samsung and it seemed to work fine)

Try Tumble Together.

It is a Turing Tumble emulator made by Richard Twilton. It seems to work well on mobile browsers that I tested in the office. You can also send a friend a link so that you can both work on the same board!

Let me know if it works for you.

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Thank you! Works on Safari, Firefox, and Chrome for iPhone!

Do you know if the creator is taking suggestions?

You could try to submit a feature request through the GitHub for this webapp here.

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heres a simulator that works well on any mobile device.


Doesn’t appear to work on iPhone. I’ve tried it with Safari, Firefox, and Chrome.

Rich here. Thanks for giving it a go, glad to know it works on all those browsers for the iPhone, I haven’t been able to test on one myself.

If you do have any suggestions feel free to post them using the link David posted for GitHub issues on the project, I’ll definitely see them there. I’m back at work now, but don’t mind adding the odd thing if it isn’t too complicated.


Thank you Rich and welcome to the community! :partying_face:

Will do, thanks! And thanks for making it; I’ve gotten a lot of use out of it!