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What should I buy initially?

Does anyone have any recommendations on what I should initially get? Is the base product fine for my nieces or will they immediately desire additional bits, balls, and stuff? Thanks for the info! *Note: They’re 7 y.o.

I think the base set is enough for almost anyone. It’s enough to fill the entire board with parts, and it’s enough for all the problems in the workbook, which range from simple to challenging. Also, this forum contain many impressive examples of what can be done with surprisingly few parts. If they somehow do find a way to push the limits of TT, you can direct them to one of the online simulators, such as jstumble or Tumble Together, the latter of which works on iOS and allows the board to be shared remotely.

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Hi, when just getting started, after the dog knocked over everything, and then when marbles seemed to fly far away due to my own adult error, I ordered a set of new marbles. Yes, keep the setup in the box top and you’ll lose less marbles. If anyone has never lost marbles from Tumble, please chime in.

That’s a good point. I haven’t lost any marbles, but then I don’t have any pets or children.