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2 Blue 4 Red possible

Try to make a pattern bbrrrrbbrrrrbbrrrrbbrrrrbb. I´ll wait. The thing is, i wanted to make a hint but i had to make it on pc.

This is the hint:16407676028911887035378

If the bits are straight up you need to CHOOSE the direction

(this was done on tablet)

Is anyone there? If yes, reply to this topic.

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Anyone there? If yes, reply to this topic. If no, i´ll wait.

Why is no one there? If yes, please reply.

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Someone out there reading this post?

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Yes=reply then, No=i’ll wait for people

The forum software seems to notify of activity maybe once a week, so it can take a while for people to notice new activity.

I haven’t actually built the layout, but I believe I can do it, starting from your hint, with 21 ramps and 1 crossover. If I could move things around, I could cut it down to 18 ramps, 1 crossover, and the 3 bits.

Well, if you can, build it and send it to me.

But only the one that’s from my hint.

Using > for a bit pointing right, < for a bit pointing left, \ for a ramp going down-right, / for a ramp going down-left and . for an unused slot (and ignoring the gear pins) the layout is:


I know what the X means: it’s the crossover

The hint layout would be (if we didn’t ignore the gear pins) this:
.+. .+.

The ! for non-gear not occupied pins and the + for non-directional bits

Easy solution link here, this was a fun puzzle! http://tumble-together.herokuapp.com/?code=C2C2CB0A1A0A0BA1C0A2CB0A1A0A0BA1C0A1CB0A1C0BA1C1A0CB0C6DA1C0A1CB0A0C0BK_KU

My solution: Photo on 30-12-21 at 1.34 PM

I did it a different way:



Fewer pieces:



Actually, that may be fewest pieces. I can’t figure out how to get below 22 pieces with only blue bits.

25 pieces (bits arranged as shown in the hint)

22 pieces (different bit arrangement)

22 pieces (different bit arrangement)