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Can this be done without the gears?

Continuing the discussion from My 1st puzzle :slight_smile::
I am not all the way through the book yet, so I do not know how to use the gear pieces yet and I was wondering if anybody had created a solution to this puzzle without the gears and if it is possible. Thanks!

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@TTM180 I cannot think of a way for that puzzle to be done without the gears. When a ball passes through one gear bit, it changes the direction of the second gear bit, adding in the logic. I’m excited for you to get to the puzzles with the gears. They are going to blow your mind!

@Ollieryan Am I right that your puzzle can’t be done without gears?

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I’m excited too! Thanks!

I think this works. It is a bit of a cheat as it starts with only 6 balls in each hopper. I haven’t yet thought of a way to intercept a ball to terminate (if you start with full hoppers). Any ideas anyone?

Hi pt153,

Thank you for your alternative solution. I built it today and it works as I wanted it to.
In my original puzzle I only started with 6 balls each as well. So your solution is an alternative to my original one.

Thank you,

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Hi @Ollieryan - This version copes with full hoppers and intercepts at end of required sequence. Its not truly elegant though, as the balls drop down the sides. You may be able to jiggle the layout to make it fit properly with more controlled ball drops :slight_smile: ? . The solution is no longer symmetrical, you have to start with a blue ball.

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