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My 1st puzzle :)

Hi I am a 5 year old that loves Turing Tumble. I tried to create my 1st puzzle that wasn’t in the book (my dad helped me). I wanted to follow on from a puzzle in the book. I wanted to create a pattern of 1 blue 1 red 2 blue 2 red 3 blue 3 red.
I got it working.
Has this been done before? I’d like to see other solutions if there are some.
Thanks ollie.


@Ollieryan Hi! It is great to hear from a 5 year old, and I really like your name. Our 12 year old is an Oliver/Ollie as well. Your first puzzle is must more complicated than most people’s first puzzles! Sounds like you are mastering Turing Tumble quickly. Some people use this site for generating their own puzzles: http://tumble-together.herokuapp.com/. You could do a starting set up with the objective you stated above. -Alyssa

Hi Alyssa,

Thank you for the link to that development page. Here is a link to our answer:

Can this be done a different way?


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@Ollieryan This is fantastic! Great use of the gears and gear bits!! I have not seen this done before. I was trying to think of another way to do it, and it isn’t coming to me. I might have to ask my Oliver if he can come up with a way to get this output.

@Ollieryan I noticed that your link didn’t work, so I messed around with the bits, and got http://tumble-together.herokuapp.com/?code=C0C1CB3E2BA1A1C0A0AB3A5A4A2BA1A59684A0AB2A0A1A3BA2A0C1A3A1A6E6A0A0A1C0A1A0C1A0C1E6E_GG0W2I6E7A4E8C
Very smart solution though, I would never have thought of that!

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Hi Omay,

I noticed the starting point for my bits wasn’t correct. When I tried to fix it they kept changing position. I must be doing something wrong.
Your linked solution is how I did it.
Thank you for looking at my puzzle.


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Alternative solution here: (Can this be done without the gears?

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Hi Ollie,

Great puzzle! Here is my solution.


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@Indigo Great solution! That was fun to watch.

I am Nate. I am 10. I did this and it actually works.


i also love turing tumble but i am 9yo and figured out a puzzle myself. :grinning:
Here´s the link:2 Blue 4 Red possible

yep it works
i tested it

Someone out there? Go on to my puzzle. It’s called “2 Blue 4 Red possible”.

Only 15 parts? Are you sure?
Really curious how that is done! Thanks in advance. Greets, Leo

WARNING - It wouldn´t work in a normal set of Turing Tumble because the ramps on the sides MUST face towards the center, not the sides

Here´s the link:The LINK