Counter machine in 3360 lines TT-VBA


I made counter machine in 3360x400 excel VBA macro virtual turing tumble board.
And, it should be the Turing Complete.

I constructed {INC ( r ), DEC ( r ), JZ ( r, z_true )} type machine.
For more, see “” link.
And attched memo files shows how the machine take bits.

In turing tumble board, it’s some “load” and “set”,
that’s makes gear bit chain “on”, “off”,
or select ball route from gear bit state.
That’s a lot of help to read below articles.

And the Excel VBA macro is based by “”.
However, since the memory error occurred in the last time about 1000 gears, it was completely rewritten.
I am sorry that I did not pay attention to the revision annotation of the source code.

In addition, we skipped the calculation at the time of passing through the gear bit,
so we set a special case to move only the local gear in the following pattern.
} }
However, if this arranges the gear inadvertently, or if the timing of interruption is bad,
the chain of gears that should be in the same direction collapses and there is a fear that they will not operate as intended

When executing a macro, first set the gear bit with reference to memo.
Use the [C] button to move the blue ball to the start position, and [Tick] to start the operation.
The old macro moved only to the next position, but this time the macro moves to the bottom.
Therefore, if you want to stop halfway, press [Exit] to abort.
When the operation is completed, the gear bit has shifted to the next state, so just press [Tick] to start the next step.

When editing, you can select the gear bit and press [g] to change direction at the same time.
You can also move the ball to the mass selected with the [test] button.

To realize this machine,
The weight of the ball is sufficient, there is no friction of the gear, and the dimension needs to be accurate.
Or perhaps we should consider a configuration with less gear chain.
Counter_machine_memo.pdf (361.0 KB)
Counter_machine_for_TT-VBA.pdf (370.2 KB)
Counter_machine_for_TT-VBA.xlsm (1.7 MB)

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