Part Idea: Collection Bin


It would be neat to have simple Collection Bins, that would function similarly to the Interceptor, but would be vertical and able to hold more balls than the Interceptor. The purpose of these Collection Bins would be to collect, hold, and display the balls in the order in which they arrived. You could have several of these Bins side by side to represent a host of real-world examples (ex. various robotic actuators that are triggered, red/blue marbles depicting pixels on a display, etc.), This could also be used to create various game concepts (ex. connect 4).

To prevent the growing stack of marbles in a Collection Bin from falling forward, perhaps a clear plastic cover in front to help keep them in and allow users to see the developing pattern.

Since collecting the marble does stop the program, it is understood that each successive run must be triggered. In turn-based game concepts, this is not an issue. However, in other concepts (rendering pixels to a display), it might be desired to have the program continue to run after the ball is captured in the Collection Bin. Perhaps there is an alternate way to trigger the release of the next ball after one is captured?


Ooooooo, clever idea! I like that a lot. That would certainly open up some new possibilities.


I was thinking perhaps you wouldn’t need any plastic cover if the vertical opening in the front was simply narrower than the diameter of the balls.


Yep, just a simple U-shaped channel would do