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Pascal's triangle

Pascal’s triangle is an awesome thing in mathematics that starts like this:


and is discussed more here:

Can you make one of the rows of Pascal’s triangle with TT?

Here is a go at the 1-3-3-1 row:


(click “Trigger Left” first)

where the integers 1-3-3-1 are encoded in the “registers” at the bottom half of the board, rather than using the colors of the marbles, although a solution using the color of marbles would be cool too.

The sum of the entries on one row of Pascal’s triangle sums to a power of two. It might be possible to get the 1-4-6-4-1 row with TT or maybe even bigger rows.

– Nick

The numbers are displayed in binary, using the orientation of the bit parts. Very interesting.

I got it with http://tumble-together.herokuapp.com/?code=C2C2CB2A2A3A2BA1A0A0A1A0AB6A0C0BA1A3C0CB0A1A0DA0C1E1E1DA0E1C1G1BK_EE