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Programable Machine

So you flip the 4 bits in a row to whatever pattern you want, then when that is done, start the machine. You should see your pattern appear in the output. Does anyone else have a cool programmable machine, because I would like to see that.

Is it like this:16183194835032818443868759555251
Flip any bit in the middle.

@Omay I haven’t seen this before. What kinds of outputs do you get? How does it work? I tried setting it up with all four pointing to the right and I did get 4 red in a row and then 4 blue in a row. Then I tried every other one pointing to the left, right, left, right. I got a more random output.

Hi @Omay - you might be interested in this one: “Universal” configurable pattern generator - Its a single layout on a standard board that can be configured to produce any pattern of up to 5 balls (including terminating even if balls remain in hopper).

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