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My name is Jodie, and I am looking into translations for Turing Tumble. This is a new process for us, so we would appreciate your input!

  1. In translating/localizing the game for your country, would we need to translate everything, including the box or just the puzzle book? Would something like a sticker on the box indicating the language of the puzzle book be enough?
  2. If schools in your country wanted to use Turing Tumble, would teachers prefer to have the educator guide translated?

If you are willing to be a resource for me or answer further questions, you could also email me at jodie.maki@turingtumble.com

Thank you so much!


I’m interested in a German version of the book. Is there anyting available (beta PDF)? I read Translations to French and German

To answer Jodies’s question: In my opinion it’s ok to just translate the puzzle book. But yes, teachers probably would want to use a german guide.

I hope the turing tumble team will make a german book available (PDF download). I would even pay some money to get a printed german version.

I’m glad to help with translating or proof reading.
Probably some Excel spread sheet might be useful, perhaps online (Google spreadsheets can be edited by multiple users at the same time).

Thanks so much for your response. As a matter of fact, we have been working with a translation company, and the German version of the game is almost complete. It will still be some time before it is manufactured and for sale, but we are getting there! If you are willing to be a resource for us on translation questions or other questions we might have regarding the German version, please email me at jodie.maki@turingtumble.com

Hi Jodie,

is there any update/ETA on this? I’m interested in a German version as well. To answer the questions from the opening posts, in case it’s still relevant:

  1. I think the book would be enough, the box would be more of a “nice to have”.
  2. I’m no teacher, but I think a translated version of the guid would be preferable to most teachers in this situation.

If you still need assistance with translations into German, I’d be happy to help.


Hi Chris,
The German version is finally done! It should arrive at our warehouse in Germany and be ready to ship from there next month. Pre-sale orders will probably start later this month. The box has been translated as well as the guidebook.
Thanks for checking in!

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Hi Jodie,
I am willing to help with the French translation. What can I do to contribute?

Hi Nat,
Our North American French translation is in the final stages! There are probably some ways you could help. Please email me at jodie@turingtumble.com if you are interested.

I’d like to gift Turing Tumble to my daughter for Christmas, but she can’t read english, so I’m looking for an Italian translation. I can translate it for you if you send me the script, but I’d like to understand if this could be feasible in time for Christmas.
The best would be to have the comic already in Italian in the box, but if that is not possible, a pdf version would suffice.
(how many pages are we talking about?)

thanks in advance

Hi Giuliocatte,
Unfortunately Italian is not next on our translation list, and it takes many months to go through the process of translating, reviewing, and then manufacturing a new version. The puzzle book is 110 pages. If you email me at jodie@turingtumble.com I could give you a few ideas, but I am sorry Santa will not be able to come through with an Italian comic this year!:frowning:

Wich translations exists today?
I asked in another thread for a Scandinavian version (or swedish).
I’ll be happier to contribute to a translation.

Hi Patrick,
At this time, we only have a German translation available. We will have a French version in the spring and Dutch shortly after that. We will look into Scandinavian languages if you spread the word about Turing Tumble in your part of the world!

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Posting b/c I’m interested in a Chinese (Traditional) version to introduce to extended family.

Also/alternatively, would TT consider publishing some official “blank translation table” to enable self-serve translations? As-is, I’m looking to use the spreadsheet another user previously posted for Dutch in: Dutch translation of the TT Book

Looking into solving this problem for myself, I’ve discovered that Google Sheets has a built-in integration with Google Translate, making it trivial to generate a translation table into any supported language!

Take a look: Turing Tumble Translations - Google Drive

Use cell formulas to make your own!